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Scottish Trust Deed

In Scotland, the Scottish Trust Deed is one of the most commonly availed. debt reduction plans. that help borrowers overcome their financial issues in a manageable way. With a Trust Deed, a licensed Insolvency Practitioner, referred to as the ‘Trustee’ will sort out your debt issues with your creditors and will work to convince them to write off your unaffordable debts, and the amount that will be paid by you to the Trust Deed will be in turn allocated appropriately amongst your creditors.

As a debtor who has availed the debt help solution, you will be protected from any further legal action and your creditors will have to deal with the trustee for any matter or concerns.

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Fill & Submit Online A Fully Filled-In Application Form

Online Application is a quick process to know your details and requirements. It will help us in understanding your financial status.

Step 2

A Licensed IP Will Get In Touch & Study Your Situation

An IP will come up with the perfect solution you need for having a peaceful financial life. It will help you clear all your debts efficiently.

Step 3

The IP Will Coordinate Between You & Your Creditors

No need to worry about convincing your creditors concerning debt reduction. Your Expert IP will handle these trivial matters.

Step 4

If Agreed By The Lenders, Your Debts Will Be Written Off

When 75% of your creditors agree upon the agreement, you can write off 80% of your debts and can clear the rest in regular intervals.

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No Creditor Chasing

The lenders will no longer chase you for repayments until the IVA period, & they have to deal with your IP

Debt Waiver

If 75% of your creditors agree to the IVA, it will be finalised, and applicable even to those who do not agree for it

Safe and Secure

Right from applying to processing the request, our entire procedure is simple, safe, transparent, and uncomplicated

Fixed Charges

All other charges, including the interest rates, will be frozen on the total debt amount that you owe to your lenders

Manageable Terms

With IVA solutions, you can write off your debts by making affordable payments and manage your finances well

Save Your Assets

With an IVA, you can legally write off your debts, and the lenders or the court will no longer seize your assets

Frequently Asked Questions

The eligibility criteria for Scottish deed of trust UK, is different from that of sequestration Scotland and DAS Scotland. Typically, any individual who has lived in Scotland for at least 6 months, has a total debt amount of more than £5,000, owns assets, and has a low income that does not permit repaying all the debts on time to the creditors is eligible to apply for a Scottish Trust Deed (PTD). A legal IP will study your debts and if you qualify, you can write off your different unsecured debts safely with the Trust Deed solutions and repay more manageably.
Once you sign up for a PTD, your IP will sort out the issues with the creditors, and if all goes well, your debts will be written off, and you can repay your impending debts affordably for the stipulated period of time. Commonly, a Scottish Trust Deed (PTD) program lasts for a period of 4 years (48 months), within which you will have to repay all your impending debts as per the legal agreement. You can live a normal life by working and earning, provided your Trustee is aware of all the details.
Most unsecured debts are included under a Scottish Trust Deed (PTD). However, there are a few exceptions that cannot be considered to be written off while availing a PTD solution. The excluded ones are – debts incurred due to fines, fraudulence, penalties, student loans, court orders for compensation & forfeiture, maintenance obligations like alimony or child support, the debt secured against property like mortgage loans or other secured loans.
With a Scottish Trust Deed, you can protect your assets like your home, car, household items, and your other basic necessities, unless you approve them to be sold off in order to repay your creditors. Like most debt reduction solutions, your credit record will take a dent with the PTD also. However, with timely repayment of the debts, and by controlling your finances well, you can bring your credit ratings back on the right track.