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Debt Advice Scotland

If you are planning to pay off your debts in a manageable and safe way, the first possible step to start with is getting debt advice from experts. At SwiftDebtAssist, you can apply to avail debt help Scotland services from debt management companies and debt advisors, who will study your financial circumstances and provide suitable guidance regarding their debts. A licensed Insolvency Practitioner will gather all the information in relation to your finances, your income, your debts, your lenders, etc., and will work to sort out with your creditors by persuading them to write off most unaffordable debts.

If most lenders agree to the debt reduction plan, most of your debts will be waived off, and you can repay the pending debts in a more manageable and planned way.

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Representative Example For Debt Help In Scotland

% Debts
Waived Off


Monthly EMI
for 24 Months


Revised EMI
for 24 Months


  • Considering you owe your creditors debts like –
  • Personal Loans

  • Credit Cards

  • Utility Bills

  • Overdrafts

  • Other Debts

  • Total


How it Works

Step 1

Fill & Submit Online A Fully Filled-In Application Form

Online Application is a quick process to know your details and requirements. It will help us in understanding your financial status.

Step 2

A Licensed IP Will Get In Touch & Study Your Situation

An IP will come up with the perfect solution you need for having a peaceful financial life. It will help you clear all your debts efficiently.

Step 3

The IP Will Coordinate Between You & Your Creditors

No need to worry about convincing your creditors concerning debt reduction. Your Expert IP will handle these trivial matters.

Step 4

If Agreed By The Lenders, Your Debts Will Be Written Off

When 75% of your creditors agree upon the agreement, you can write off 80% of your debts and can clear the rest in regular intervals.

Debt Relief Services For A Debt Free Life In Scotland

Why Choose Us

No Creditor Chasing

The lenders will no longer chase you for repayments until the IVA period, & they have to deal with your IP

Debt Waiver

If 75% of your creditors agree to the IVA, it will be finalised, and applicable even to those who do not agree for it

Safe and Secure

Right from applying to processing the request, our entire procedure is simple, safe, transparent, and uncomplicated

Fixed Charges

All other charges, including the interest rates, will be frozen on the total debt amount that you owe to your lenders

Manageable Terms

With IVA solutions, you can write off your debts by making affordable payments and manage your finances well

Save Your Assets

With an IVA, you can legally write off your debts, and the lenders or the court will no longer seize your assets

Frequently Asked Questions

Availing a suitable debt management plan can help you write off your debts in a legal way, and you can repay considerably lower debt amounts and live a debt-free life. It is essential to choose a suitable help program according to your circumstances. You can write off your priority debts & non-priority debts, and can also seek protection from against your creditors as they can no longer chase you for repayments. With a successful debt management plan, you can reduce your debts and repay affordable amounts to your creditors. That way, your creditors will get at least the minimum repayments, you will overcome your debts, and your assets will also be protected from getting seized.

In Scotland, there are different debt management solutions that can aid in writing off your debts in a safe & legal way, and you can repay your pending debts in a more feasible and convenient way.

The most popular debt help services in Scotland include –

• Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS)

• Protected Trust Deed (PTD)

• Minimal Assets Process (MAP)

• Sequestration (Scottish Version Of Bankruptcy)

You, along with your IP can choose the one that is most suitable to your financial situation.

As aforementioned, there are many money advice Scotland programs, and across the UK to help debtors overcome their debts. But every plan comes with its own regulations and so, you will have to analyze your financial situation first, and then choose the plan accordingly. Your IP will be able to make the best-suited choice for you and chalk out a favorable plan for you. If at least 75% of the creditors agree to the plan, you can write off your debts and overcome them in a manageable way.
All the services to help reduce debts are legal agreements and they will be carried forward only in between you, your IP, and your creditors. The details of your debt issues will be registered in the public database of the Insolvency Register until the completion of the program, and it will be removed from there after a stipulated period of time. However, failure to abide by the regulations of the program may lead to the recording of the issue in the database.